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Lynnwood Cottage is situated in Hawick, nestled in the rolling hills of the Borders countryside. Perfect for walking, cycling, golf and many other leisure facilities. Visit the Scottish Borders Tourist Board website for more information about the area.

Hawick is the largest of the Border towns and boasts one of the best parks in Scotland. Wilton lodge park covers over 107 acres of riverside and tree-lined walks and recreational facilities.

'The Horse' at the end of the High Street is the 1514 memorial, an  impressive equestrian statue which commemorates the victory of local youths over English invaders at nearby Hornshole in 1514. One of the oldest Border Common Ridings, held in early summer, it is steeped in history and tradition is definitely a celebration worth seeing. 

The pride and passion of the town is also shown on the rugby field where many of the local men take on the rest of the region as local followers faithfully support each weekend at the Mansfield Rugby Park.  Legendary rugby commentator Bill McLaren is a proud Hawick man.

Drumlanrig's Tower is a romantic monument with a dark history, woven into the fabric of Hawick. A stronghold of cross-border warfare, its intriguing story unfolds as visitors are led through time from the middle ages to the Tower's eventual conversion into a gracious hotel in the 1930's. The Tower also incorporates the Information Centre.

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